Open Your Mind to Change

Martin Geddes’ Guidebook to the Great Awakening

Insightful. Profound. Banned.

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Second Imprint Banned by Barnes & Noble.


Expertly Narrated by Anik Todd.

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Open Your Mind to Change by Martin Geddes

Paperback Edition

Open Your Mind to Change was originally published on Christmas Eve 2020 and censored by Amazon in April 2021. It was reissued and banned by Barnes & Noble in October 2021.

In July 2022, the book was reissued through a distributor, and is once again available on Amazon. Get your copy before it’s banned!

Banning books with no good reason is the new content “stamp of quality” — you can’t be sure you have hit the target until you are deplatformed!

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Martin and design partner Matthew Lawler of Sol Forms are making censorship history!

Come flip the tables of censorship with us and share the story of the “Million Buck Book!” 11:11 for CHANGE is all about turning the censorship on itself, triggering the most epoch WINNING streak for freedom-loving patriots across the entire planet.

Audiobook: Open Your Mind to Change by Martin Geddes

Audiobook Edition

This version was “pre-banned” by Audible since they insist on the author having an Amazon version of the book in publication! Martin has added them to his long list of information warfare “merit badges.”

Fortunately, we’ve found a few outlets willing to publish… for now! Don’t miss out on hearing the fantastic narration of Anik Todd.

Martin Geddes

I am a British computer scientist based in London.

Over the years I have become adept at pulling apart belief systems and finding where they are deficient. This started with a childhood that involved one parent in a religious cult. In my professional role as a telecoms expert, I have worked on paradigm change in both the technical and policy spaces.

I happen to have a degree in Mathematics and Computation from the University of Oxford. Logical thinking is important, but insufficient. In a maze of deception, you also need to be able to unlearn, and recognise you have been fooled. This is an emotional skill, as it means dealing with a hurt ego and the loss of the “feeling of knowing”.

I am also a professional photographer, and take great pleasure in finding the beauty in ordinary scenes which others may fail to observe or capture.

You can support my free writing and art via or

Go to to learn more about me and my work as a scientist, artist, and activist.

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Martin Geddes
Watch Robert David Steele’s December 21, 2020 interview with Martin Geddes on Open Your Mind to Change.

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Must reading for any thinking person
In my view, Martin Geddes’s pithy book is nothing less than a secular explanation of overarching archetypal biblical views by a person whose professed views are anything but biblical. In short, he addresses the fundamental issues of good versus evil in modern terms that both believer and unbeliever can understand. Essential reading.
Help for the Deceived

Absolutely the best explanation of what is and has been happening in our World. Thank you for a brilliant look at what we in this upside-down reality are experiencing.

Extraordinarily insightful! Incredible organization of truth! This book is packed full of hope in our seemingly hopeless times. A highly recommend this book!
Exceptional distillation of a complex subject

Excellent book. Geddes does an A+ job of taking a HUGE amount of detailed information and putting it into a small AND understandable format. He is also an exceptional wordsmith. I found myself stopping several times a page to make notes of his eloquence as quotes I would use later to inspire people (giving him credit of course). I have bought this book for friends and family who are open to give them a concise and accurate overview. We want more Martin!!! Thank you for how you share your heart in your prose. It really comes through.

Essential reading for every person of conscience
Martin Geddes is one of the geniuses of our time. This simple and concise book lays out the basics of human development exploring the depths of all aspects in our current societal awakening in a clear and understandable language. His grasp of intelligent compositional writing makes this reading palatable whether for the beginner or those who have discovered their own Great Awakening and became Digital Soldiers in our current paradigm.


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